Saturday, April 21, 2012


I HAVE MOVED to my permanent Blog at!!! Sorry for any confusion this might give. I will leave this site up but for any new updates, activities, and projects please check my other site Its just to hard to keep up the two sites (I actually have FOUR!) anyway. I am going to keep doing all these fun activities with my kiddos so come and check out what we are doing on

Glow Stick Bath Time

We decided to have a glow bath. The kids loved it Kaia especially.
We threw some glowsticks and submersible lights in the bath with some bubbles and lets the kids have fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Color Explosion- Shaving Cream

We did a Color Explosion Experiment earlier that you can see HERE with oil this is the same concept just with shaving cream this time
The kids enjoyed droping different colors and waiting to see them explode through the layer of shaving cream
The shaving cream in the end was its own project the kids swirled the colors around

Lipstick Kiss Painting

We had so much fun doing lipstick kiss paintings.
All you need is paper, lipstick, and a mirror
Kaia and Mikey were so excited about this. They filled paper after paper with tons of kisses which were so cute.
Kaia calls them Princess kiss pages

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sensory Table- Iceberg Melting

Frozen Crabs
Kaia decided to take the big block out of the water and add salt to see if that would make it melt faster

Experimenting with salt and warm water

Frozen blocks the kids designed the day before

One of the balloons hidden treasures
We made all of these the day before
For the balloons fill them with your treasures before adding water it worked better for us
Ready to create

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paint- It started Innocently...

So it started with an innocent idea...fingerpainting

The kids had extra paint on their hands so asked for more paper

Lots of blue paint

The they asked to do splat(fly swatter)painting.

After a few splats the pie tins were to tempting and they asked to do some foot painting

More Foot painting

That's whe things got a little crazy I should have known when they started to take off their clothes they were up no good

But did I expect log rolls in paint?

Or full body, but it was an interesting twist
And they had so much fun!!!!!
And they are washable and so was the paint so it was an easy clean up

Log Rolls